My Websites

Since 2001 I have several websites of my own. These are the most important ones.

Eclectic Energies

My largest website is Eclectic Energies, a multi-language, informative site about life energy and psychology. I designed and developed it myself (with some help from others). I wrote the lion's share of the text, and made all photos.

Especially the tests on the site, that help you get insight into your personality (chakra test and enneagram test) are very popular. There is a translation of the I Ching, that I translated from the original ancient Chinese.

It also has a chatbot, that acts as a psychotherapist, after the famous Eliza program of 1966. It's part of a section with explanations about the Unconscious, that has several exercises for learning to work through your feelings by yourself.


I made a website about the optical quality of glasses (Dutch), for which I did a lot of research.

Acupuncture point translations

My site Meridians & Points has my translations of the original Chinese acupuncture point names.