When I was in my twenties, I was very much interested in music. I played the synthesizer, at first one I had designed and built myself, then a Korg MS-20. I also played the drums and bass guitar, in various bands, and on my own.

MP3 Recordings

In 2002, I recorded some pieces on my computer, using Fruity Loops. Here are three that are still worth listening to (that is, if you can appreciate somewhat disturbing music!). You can download them to your computer, as MP3's.

Warm Leatherette, which was originally from The Normal (2:51 min).

Thinking of Anger (2:04 min).

The Loss (3:43).


While it has been very important to me in the past, nowadays I don't listen much to music anymore. I find most music too distracting to have as background, and not compelling enough to listen to exclusively.